Desired LocationsThe future needs space

We are working diligently on the further development of our store and logistics network, and are always looking for new partners for expansion.

IndividualityStrong in every location

We are a strong local supplier. We are constantly looking for developed or undeveloped properties to purchase or lease. Our stores adapt to a variety of retail environments.

Key figures and requirementsOur location criteria

Our flexible store concepts have different development requirements. Together, we can find the right solution for your real estate offer and your location.

Number of people in the 1 mile radius:
from 5,000 - 10,000
Number of people in the 3 mile radius:
from 40,000 - 60,000
Building Area:
15,000 - 36,000 sq. ft.
Customer parking spaces:
from 120+

Conditions for the right logistics site

  • A minimum of 80 acres ideally located in an industrial area
  • A minimum FAR of 0.6
  • Easy interstate access with strong transport connections
  • 24/7 operations and delivery must be possible
  • Little to no land-use restrictions

  • Floor area > 80,000 m² ideally dedicated as an industrial estate site
  • occupancy index at least 0.6 (floor area ratio ³ 0.6)
  • Warehouse area > 25,000 m² in the industrial estate or business park
  • Usable clear height of hall (top edge of stored goods) 12 m Floor load-carrying capacity 50 kN/m², fork-lift truck (point load) 60 kN/wheel, standard shelf load (point load) 100 kN (on base plate 150 mm x 150 mm)

We look forward to hearing from youYour real estate offer

In order to open other Lidl grocery stores and distribution centers, we are looking to purchase, lease or ground lease properties throughout the US.